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    Question Existing Linux Server with New Control Panel

    Dear All,

    I have 2 Linux Servers (Redhat 8 and 9) with existing clients on it. Now I am planning to purchase a new control panel for clients. Which control panel can minimize the effect for existing clients / existing servers? Because I am afraid that new control panel will have effective different from my existing setting / folders that will affect the server running.

    Thanks in advance


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    Im no expert but i believe the folders will not disappear unless the control panel requires a clean install. Your current users will be unable to use the new control panel only new users will be able to.

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    That means I need to remove all clients and re-create them with new control panel..? And I am worried about new control panel will adjust all my existing setting (e.g. apache, sendmail & etc) that make a mess in my server.

    And which one is the most suitable for existing server...?


    Best regards,

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