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    Unusual (?) problem receiving email

    I'd like some help understanding my situation...haven't bumped into this problem before. I'm dangerously stupid as regards server concerns.

    I host about 8 domains on an angel networks server. I use their standard linux cpanel setup.

    My server had lots of problems for about 3 hours yesterday. Problems were finally resolved, but my requests for explanations have not been answered, so I have no clue what went wrong, how to avoid future outages, etc.

    Further, since 12.15 yesterday I have received no emails at any domain. Angel Support says they are 'working on it'. I've sent test emails from 5 different servers: no bouncing, just nothing seems to be reaching domain mailboxes.

    Any one have thoughts about this?

    Since there are no bounce messages I assume my emails are still floating around in the ether somewhere? Can someone help me understand this?

    20 hours no email is a big problem to me and my businesses.

    Typically angel has resolved stuff fast, so I am very concerned.

    I have root privs, etc., and like I said, I'm both stupid and confident in server matters, so I'm dangerous.

    Any one care to give me thoughts?

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    It sounds like there's a problem with the MTA on your server. Are you able to connect remotely and/or locally on port 25? Can you send mail out from the affected accounts elsewhere? How about doing a manual SMTP session to your server and creating a test message that way?

    If you can't connect, the mailserver's probably not running. If you can connect, and send mail out, then the problem is most likely somewhere in the local delivery (bad pipe, broken SpamAssassin config or broken regexp filter, etc). If you can connect, and make a message for local delivery that goes through correctly, then the MX records have probably been screwed up. But that's definately the least likely. - offering amazingly competent email, dns, and web hosting since 2002... because someone has to!
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    Thanks. I'm gratified by your suggestions and frustrated by lack of angel net support.

    I logged in as site-admin to tried sending mail to [email protected] via pine.

    Problem detected: "Received abort signal".
    Pine Exiting.

    I restarted the exim mail server. Response:

    exim status 4035 4030 4022
    exim started ok

    My ISP is which traps all smtp requests to any but its own effinervers, which are effin flaky.

    However I logged into squirrel mail on one site and sent email from [email protected] to [email protected].

    user1 didn't receive any error messages, but user2 didn't get the mail.

    I'm confused and if any of this information suggests a course of action would appreciate a clue. Thanks.

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    Yes. Read the logs


    In shell do:

    tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog

    Send an email and view the scrolling log and see how that transaction went.

    If you want my help, I can take a quick look
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    Thanks, I'm getting smarter by the hour. As usual, I must beat my head against the wall for some time before any little bits of knowledge manage to get inside.

    I managed to find the exim directory and Whaddyaknow! There's hundreds of recent emails in there.

    I have heard from angel networks tech support: they say some number of servers experienced this problem yesterday.

    cpanel snuck some kind of update into some servers that is killing mail even though the server is up and running. The
    mail is on the server, just not going anywhere and we're trying to find out
    I'm grateful for help so far, and hopeful more help will come to bail me out of this mess.


    this command:
    tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog

    shows the log dynamically!!! This first time I've seen this! have only used tail to show static files in the past...Way Cool.
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