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Thread: Windows VPS

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    Windows VPS


    I am looking for windows vps... Any suggestions?


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    just my guess, but on linux / unix they use the chrooot? im really not that sure if that exist on windows systems but its worth a shot
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    The cost of the Windows license and its resource utilization may be too overwhelming for a VPS environment. You need about 512mb on a 1ghz CPU to run reasonably on the basic level so to have that in the VPS environment with that resources and cost might actually be pretty close to what you would get on today's low end dedicated server.

    We see VPS for the Linux and Unix environment because they are using the free version of Redhat Linux 7 and 9 and also because Linux does not have the GUI interface, it would require a lot less resources to run which makes sense for VPS deployment. Not so for Windows. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Inovation offer a Windows 2003-based VPS solution.

    At $169 / month though, it may be more cost effective to just purchase a Windows dedicated server.

    Many thanks,

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    Also have a look at

    Not cheap, but one of the bests for sure.
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    Windows VPS

    FYI - SWSoft is scheduled to release a windows-based VPS solution sometime this year.
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    Re: Windows VPS

    Originally posted by Hatchet
    FYI - SWSoft is scheduled to release a windows-based VPS solution sometime this year.
    So we have been told too. If it is anything like their other first releases, it will be loaded with bugs. So count on months to iron those out.

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    How about the licensing issue for Windows? Each VPS needs a license cost will be fantastic alone

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    That is probably why we do not see Windows VPS costly anywhere lower than a Windows Dedicated server even for the lower resources provided on a VPS machine. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    The microsoft have a very good program the VirtualPC,
    you can make a VPS Windows or what ever you whant in some minutes
    and vrmware is very good for Windows VPS
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