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    The windows hosting market

    We are moving into windows hosting and obviously want to start advertising this, it will be on a different site to our Linux site so we want to do seperate advertising

    Do you find you advertise windows hosting in completely different places than the linux hosting? such as asp forums?
    Do you find it to be a completely different customer base, or is it still the same, webdesigners etc? are there more businesses that want windows hosting?


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    For some reason we seem to sell more Windows hosting than linux hosting.

    As for putting it on a seperate site, we have both on the same site. That way our customers get there full options.

    As for advertising, having them both on the same site makes it easier as we advertise both services, one site, every place we can.

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    Dont seperate them, it will just add up to your costs. If you provide one of them then its a different story but both together makes no sence of promoting seperatly, like Larry mentioned, customers can choose which one suits them best
    "Web Hosting is not just about selling space, it is about facilitating customers needs with your plans and supporting the customer for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship."- Yaser

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