Our site has 2 main features that generate a ton of traffic and we recently split the site onto two servers in an attmept to improve performance and load balance. So now we have all the images for the site on one server and the content and forums on another.

Of course this has created a situation in Dreamweaver when including images in pages. If I keep the local copy of the site as two DW sites and therefore two separate directory structures, the images are outside the main site and the refernce to them is a file://.... which of course won't work once uploaded.

If I put the images in the same DW site, the reference is relative, img src="../../filename" which also won't work once uploaded since they are on a different host.

Right now what I am doing is a find and replace on the IMG and HREF tags to set them properly. However, this is a cumbersome solution.

Does anyone know of a way to setup DW so that different parts of a site can be on different hosts?