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    What to do with Declined Credit Card renewals?

    We are getting tired of having customer's Credit Card getting declined at the time of renewal and then notifying them of such.

    What do other companies do?

    We send out an email and give them 36 hours to update before we suspend the account but this is time consuming and we get tired of it.

    Any ideas?

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    Besides waiting and sending them notices to update their billing info there isn't much you can do.

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    If it's just declined we queue it in the batch for 2 days and then run it again. If it's still declined we will run it a third time and then either call the customer (If the account is good sized) or just shut them down.

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    What about imposing a fee for repeat offenders?

    We have been thinking about this for a while.
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    you might run into some pissed of customers if they see an extra charge, because they were not sucessfully charged on time.

    in essence its a good idea, but it would probably make more trouble than it fixes, from a customer standpoint.
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    When the card is declined we send them notice explaining as such along with a new invoice showing the payment options (manual credit card payment submission, reapply for automatic debit, or send in a payment via check/money order).

    If no payment is received (or email explaining that payment is on the way) we send out a deactivation notice that again explains the available payment options and that they have 5 additional days to submit payment prior to the account being deactivated.

    If still no payment has been received and the deactivation date has expired then the account is disabled. At that time we send out another notice explaining that payment will be required for the account to be reactivated and that there is an additional $10 reactivation fee required. It also explains that if the account is not reactivated within 30 days, then the account will be deleted.

    The more you can automate some of these notices the better off you'll be but in the end... sending notices and awaiting payments is about the best you can do. Additionally, taking action, if no payment is received AND a decent number of notices/time has been provided then removing the account is it.

    FWIW - we only provide automatic debit for one time fees and monthly fees. Annual accounts are required to visit the payment form to submit payment each year the payment is due. This avoids our having to store old, and potentially expired, information concerning their cards. A lot can change in 12 month's time.
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    As someone whose cc declines for no reason some timeís I like it win someone callís me to let me know. If it get to be a common problem I ask the customer to make other payment arrangements.

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