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    * Domain Scammers

    I had some bad experience choosing and buying domains.

    When I start searching for a nice domain I use standard search field of all registrars...

    Then... when I find several good ones, I take some time to think about them, to choose the one and so on...

    It takes 1-2 days...

    But whed I make a decission, I go to buy it and it says that the domain of my choise has been purchased 1-2 days ago!!!

    I don't know whether it's a normal practice, but I had this bad experience several times with well known and very 'reliable' registrars (I will not name them of course, beause I don't have any proofs).

    Please tell, whether it's normal practice, and I just need to be more prompt? And whether there are really reliable registrars where I can be sure that my potential domain won't be taken by them only because I find it in their search?

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    some people claims this was happening back in 1995 - 1999 when network solutions used to be the only registrar, they used to sell search results to other domain buyers etc..

    but now-a-days you can always use non-registrar websites like although this can show only domains available within 24 past hours since the database updates every 24hrs

    good luck!
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    even on the ev1 servers site for domains support they note that they are setup to process new orders basically as expected (via the web) without the help need of a real person
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