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    html site versus asp site for shopping

    I am responsible for trying to get more people to my company's web site which is currently programmed using asp. After a lot of research it seems that html sites are much better for search engines to find and crawl which is our biggest goal at the moment. We have thousands of products but our asp site does not keep track of inventory it just calls up the images and has it's own shopping cart. We are conisdering redesigning the site with html and using Yahoo shopping for the shopping cart. Is there any reason why we can't or shouldn't do this? Several people have told me that we should use asp because it's more powerful but I don't think we need it. Any advice is most welcome.

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    Well there are hosting comanies out there that offer URL re-writes for both ASP & PHP. That might be something you would want to consider. Yahoo! is good but they do charge quite a bit & they seem to nickel & dime you on a lot. I will say though when I have had to call them for customers, they were really helpful & we were able to get the job done.

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