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    Question How can I protect my server from mails with viruses?

    Hi I have server installed windows 2003 web edition and Plesk 6.5 for windows on it.

    Some of my domains are at spammers and viruses hand, I receive about 5000 to 10000 mails with viruses everyday.

    Is there any program which will eliminate and delete those mails from system autmatically and updates itself online?

    Cause most of programs can't be installed on server. Those programs only for personal usage and protects only outlook etc..

    What I want is program which will always inspect servers smtp, pop3 etc. and delete the mails with viruses automatically whatever domain they belong.

    Please can you advise me some programs which supports windows 2003 and plesk 6.5 platform and doesn't make system slow?

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    Integrate with say F-Prot etc anti virus with command line features to get rid of the viruses. For spam, use RBL list such as spamcop (find it very effective) or spamhaus. Or say Spamassassin.

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