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    How to "mirror" a website using two domains on 2 seperate servers

    I need as high as possible uptime for an SSL secured extranet i will be running. I plan to buy two domains and host the site with two seperate web hosting companies and then give the two addresses to the people who log into my extranet, so that if one is down they can use the other.

    Does anyone know how I can automatically and instantly mirror the databases on these two servers so that they always contain the exact same information?

    Many thanks

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    You really don't want to be the one to do this job. Find somebody with a good background in this.


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    Slydder is probably right, if you are replicating dynamic content, it would be quite difficult to get right. If you insist on taking it up however, and your conent is file based (making it much easier to work with), you may want to use a rsync + openvpn solution. That sould be easier than fiddling around with ipsec.

    If your content is sql-based, you would probably need to invest some time in getting the replication feature for your database running first.
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    Many thaks lads I will ask my coder to sort it

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