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    Support Help Needed (Ensim/Linux)

    RootMode LLC ( is a young hosting company (turned 1 year old this month) specializing in reseller hosting.

    Because we focus on resellers and customers that host multiple websites, we tend to have more technically knowledgeable customers. Therefore, we do not get a lot of support tickets.

    We average about 3 or 4 tickets per day.

    I (Edward) am the owner and there is a sysadmin support person (Irving) that helps part-time.

    We are looking to focus on growing the business by improving our website, support material, as well as marketing. Because of this, we would like to outsource support to a company or individual.

    We will not stop answering support tickets ourselves but would like to make sure that customers get a prompt solution to their problems even if we are not available at that time or are working on other aspects of the business.

    We are open to discuss alternative payment methods for support (either per server or per ticket basis).

    We have quality servers and therefore they are very reliable. Dell Dual Xeon (2.0GB or 2.8GB) with 4GB ECC RAM and 10K RPM SCSI hard drives in RAID1 configuration as well as hot spare drives.

    * Server1: Ensim Webppliance Pro 3.5 and PowerTools add-on. It will be upgraded soon to Ensim Pro 3.7 and then to Ensim Pro 4.0. RedHat Linux 7.3 with several custom packages added by us to meet customer requests. All sites run in High Security mode and no customer has shell access.

    * Server2: Ensim Pro 3.7 with PowerTools add-on. It will soon be upgraded to Ensim Pro 4.0. Fedora Core 1 with several custom packages added by us to meet customer requests. All sites run in High Security mode and no customer has shell access.

    * Support System: Kayako eSupport ticket system, Kayako LiveResponse chat system. (We also have toll free phone support but our customers rarely call via phone so you would not have to answer the phone. We would retain that function.)

    * Knowledge of Ensim control panel (Easy to learn if you are not familiar with it and we are willing to train the right person).
    * Knowledge of Linux in order to troubleshoot problems like DNS, locked files, permission problems, services not responding, etc. (This function is much harder to teach. So, we require someone with atleast a strong foundation and are willing to teach the right person if they are missing some knowledge.)
    * Friendly personality.
    * Customer focused attitude.
    * Willing to learn and not feeling bad if we jump in to a support ticket to clarify or correct responses you have given a customer.
    * All our customers communicate with us in English. Good spelling and grammatically skills are required.

    If you are interested, we would like to know the following:
    * Are you interested as an individual or as a company.
    * If an individual, where are you located so that we can make sure we comply with any employment laws?
    * A copy of your resume if applying as an individual.
    * Some background information (and website address) if applying as a company.
    * Preferred method of payment; per server or per ticket basis?
    * Hours of coverage available (Including time zone so we know how it relates to our current availability. We are based out of Florida, US).
    * If you currently provide support for another web host, we would like to know how that would impact your availability.
    * If you previously provided support to a web host, we would like to know what your fuctions were and what types of systems you supported.
    * Any other information you feel we should be aware of.

    We can be contacted by:
    * posting on this thread
    * private message via webhostingtalk
    * email: support at <- convert to proper format
    * fax: (866) Msg-Root / (954) 385-9274
    * phone: (866) Ask-Root / (954) 937-7668

    We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate including on the basis of geographic location.

    Thank you for considering our offer and look forward to establishing a long term mutually beneficial relationship for us, you, and our customers.
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    I can do the job

    Hello there,

    I am seeking a remote admin/technical support job with your company.

    With my service you can

    -Improve response times.
    -Provide your customers with quality replies.
    -Free up your time so that you have more scope to build your business.

    Tehnologies I work with:

    - WHM/CPanel
    - PHP/MySQL
    - CGI/Perl
    - Plesk, Ensim
    - Linux Redhat, Slackware, Debian, FreeBSD 4.x/5.x
    - Solaris 8/9 intel/SPARC
    - Cisco Router/Switches
    - Provide remote tech-support via Helpdesk or LiveChat

    I already have CCNA from about 2 years , you can verify it at
    with Validation ID: 35BE15651A3E13F5

    Time Zone:

    Will be available from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm GMT

    I own now my e-commerce webiste customized by me using

    Also did some various php/mysql work for WHT members , you can find them by
    searching there and here are some direct links for them.


    I can accept PayPal/bank transfer.

    For more details you can email me.

    Thank You for your time and look forward to working with you!

    Best Regards,

    Eng. Ahmed Fouad
    [email protected]
    knowledge is Power , Spread it.
    [email protected]
    AIM:AhmedFouad0 , yahooID:xor2004

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    I have sent you an email about your job offer.

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