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    MySQL and Serverload Problems, Urgent

    Hi, thats my system:

    AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 384K Cache
    768MB DDR-RAM
    80GB Hard Drive / 7200 RPM
    700GB Bandwidth Included
    Dazzling Fast Tier-1-Network
    99.999% Network Uptime
    RedHat Linux 9.0

    And i have some domains on this dedicate server running, 2 main domains. and (big forum database)
    The forum is phpbb 2.0.8 modded... lots of mods...
    I disabled gzip compression too... but mod_gzip? where do i disable that?php.ini? does this speed up my server?
    and does zend or any php optimization speeds up my mysql?

    I seems that mysql uses very much cpu and causes high serverload. How can i improve the settings?

    Sometimes goes up to 10 and more...(the time when my server gets hard visited)

    my.cnf > www . alizee-forum . com / my.cnf.txt
    httpd.conf > www . alizee-forum . com / httpd.conf.txt

    need andything more? and if yes, please provide how to get teh infos, i mean the command.
    btw how do i get the top stats written in a txt file?

    deos it helps to let mysql restart via crontab? from time to time?

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    Which version of mysql are you using? The newer versions allow for query cache and other features that improves performance.

    Which DB backend are you using? MyISAM or InnoDB?

    Also, it shouldn't help if you reset the DB regularly, since a long-running server process actually increases performance as it has a warmed-up cache (assuming that it doesn't have any memory leaks).
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    Check this thread for a bit of info:

    And the next time you post for help try to include a bit more info. such as the following:

    1. what software is being used that's having problems (MySQL, Apache, etc...)
    2. version of installed software
    3. current configuration (or a link to where posted if too large for the forum)

    and anything else you can think of that could help resolve the situation.


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    can u tell me the most common commands?

    1. to get mysql version
    2. to get apache version
    3. and so on, then i can post those information.

    that woudl be really cool...

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    some more information...

    Apache 2.0.40
    MySQL 4.0.18

    the problem is that i need some information about how to configure the mysql cache for my forum, using


    any further information required?

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    www . alizee-forum . com/top.jpg thats a screen of putty with top, please have a look....

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    IM me on aol hijinks7 and i might be able to help.. i've done a load of work optimizing mysql for busy sites.. its hard to explain all the steps in a forum

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    Here is the best place to find the information for query cache:

    In your my.cnf file you will need to add:
    set-variable = query_cache_limit=1048576
    set-variable = query_cache_size=0
    set-variable = query_cache_type=ON

    Making the limit larger will help the server cache more.

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    @zupanm dont u have msn or something? is it possible to contact u later or via email, maybe you can give me you email viap pm?

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    i PMed you.. you should be able to handle the load.. I went to the forum.. you don't have a ton of current users at the time i saw.. i know phpbb is slow more so with mods added on. It does some really bad sql queries.. but you should be faster then you are..

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    i dont have so many online cause i did a restart due to modifications of mysql, ok talk to ya lateri hope you can help me out, but please answer, would it be better to get rid of those mods, it was a fully modded phpbb forum, tons of mods...

    thanks man thats great that u try to help ppl, cause im a pupil not habving much time and money...

    thx man...

    that forum and the website is very improtant for me...

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    i can't say for sure.. but i've read from a bit of forum tuning posts here and there that phpBB with mods will slow everything down.. There are a few things you can do with mysql/apache to speed it up

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