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    Need help with a table expansion problem.


    Seen as my designer is away I have decided to put together a website design of my own for one of my upcoming projects, but I am stuck just after slicing due to a table expansion problem.

    Ill explain what is happening: -

    Ive created my website as a PSD in Photoshop.

    Ive sliced it up and saved/optimised it as html/images

    Now when I go into my html editors (does the same on Dreamweaver & FrontPage) and type in my content area till it gets to the bottom of where the table ends, when it enlarges my text table it also enlarges my left menu and drags it out making the left menu useless.

    IVe attatched a picture of what is happening as I can't describe what is happening that well.

    The arrow shows where its been expanded (I just entered a few times down the page till the left menu went like that)

    See how the left menu has enlarged rather than staying how it should be?

    Can anyone help me out, ive had this problem before but somehow fixed it and I cant remember how, im sure a lot of you have come across the same problem from now and again.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out

    edit: ive now just got 1 table where the white area is, instead of a table inside a table.
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    Put your menu items in the left column inside its own table. Then "top align" the the cell that the menu items were in (that the new table is now in). Actually, you probably don't need to put them in their own table but I would so I could keep greater control of page loading.

    That should do it.

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