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    Hi dizzie,

    If you are into webmaster stuff you are welcome to check out . I just started it about a week ago but I'll probably be looking for some good forum mods soon.

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    im afaid im not terribly keen on webmaster forums its more general discussion / gaming forums

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    What sites do you have experience with?

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    if your talking about which type of boards then i am more experienced with invision and phpbb ...

    If your talking about which exact forums theres loads ....

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    would you be intrested in being a mod and posting cheats on

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    I meant particular forums - so that I could see how the forums ended up under your management.

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    Why don't you make up a new forum and make it happen (I know, it's the hard work).

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    because its so hard finding a partner to start it up with ... otherwise thats exactly what id do

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    If you are interested in just modding a forum, i'm thinking about making a category for gaming on forums.

    I do have a category for the flash games on the website, but i will be creating one to cover all game types.

    If interested, just join up and let me know. (Could get confusing, we have a dizzie modding one section allready )
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