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    Link swap with computer forum

    DaniWeb computer support forums offers text based link swaps. To submit your site to our currently PR5 link directory, visit

    All of the categories of our link directory have static URLs and can be accessed via the footer of any page of our site.

    We also offer website promotion forums with a Webmaster Marketplace at

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    I love your site, I've been using it for a while

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    Thanks so much!! May I ask your username on daniweb?

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    Well, I dont have one heh.
    I am no where near smart enough to contribute anyhting worth while. But I use your forums extensively.

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    Thanks, that's great. Glad to know the site is helpful. If you ever want to contribute, we could use some help getting our Web Promotion forums off the ground Even just a post in our Webmaster Marketplace or Site Reviews forum would be great.

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