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    Misleading information about Datacenters

    Don't you just hate it when you see websites that have misleading information about their datacenters, they are actually taken from other websites. is a good example of this.

    It uses a picture from ev1servers (former rackshack) and its details are taken from AboveNET (I think)

    I think it makes companys seem really bad.

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    Re: Misleading information about Datacenters

    Originally posted by eil1
    I think it makes companys seem really bad.
    That or really cheap heh..

    Maybe they should steal a website next, because their design is kind of..

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    I don't have a problem with people putting these details on their site, as it is pertinent information.

    As long as they keep "our servers at the abovenet facility" are housed blah blah blah, rather than simply the "our facility", then I think it is fine.

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    Many hosts use pictures to spice up their network pages.

    But I agree with Professor, they should not lie and should always state, in text, where they are operating from. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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