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Thread: Hosting Broker?

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    Hosting Broker?

    I know someone doing hosting that has customers waiting at the door with profits of $4500/month+ off the bat, but needs the final investment before going live.

    Is there such a thing as a hosting broker or something of the like which hooks companies up with investors?

    The capital needed is in the range of $20,000.

    Anyone have any referrals?

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    Hmm, how did this guy get clients with profits over $4500 right off the bat? did he purchase another company?

    There are rarely anyone who wants to invest $20,000 in a hosting company, espeically if it is their first time hosting

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    He has them lined up and waiting on launch time. This isnt for virtual/shared hosting or dedicated servers.

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    Hmmm, I am confused, how does he do so? Where did he get them from?

    Thank you

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    Why are you asking these questions? They do not pertain to the issue at hand.

    He got them via cold leads, or by the many contacts he has..

    It is not hard to get sales, only those who are inexperienced are the ones who seem to have difficulty.

    There is the last bit of capital which is needed before he can accept the clients and open doors.

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    Hmm, That is interesting, because if getting sales was as easy as you say it is, the hosting business wouldn't be an industry because there wouldn't be anyone to host.

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    Well try getting in touch with medium to large hosting companies and see if they are interested. -
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