After 6 months of development, Diginode Networks is pleased to announce the launch of our new server management system that allows you to take total control of your server. Together with the launch of our new system is the introduction of a new support framework consisting of a flexible knowledge base, support fourm, live chat and phone support. Our aim is to lead the market in reliability, support and remote administration features.

Can your dedicated provider do all this (we can!)?

- Unlimited Instant Reboots
- Unlimited Instant OS Reinstall / Reimage
- Secure remote serial console
- One-touch software installation
- Upgrade your dedicated server with only 5 minutes downtime
- Live chat and phone support
- All the standard featues (99.9% Uptime, Month to Month Billing, etc) and more!

As a special treat for WHT members, we are offering two of our dedicated basic systems for $49.95/month (normally $79.95/month) and with the setup fee waived! Here are the specs -

- Pentium III 1.13Ghz
- 512MB RAM
- 40GB HD
- 500 GB Tier 1 Traffic (

For more information, please check our website at If you are interested in this special offer, please PM me, send an email to [email protected] or talk to us though our webchat or the phone. The $49.95 special price applies to subsequent months as well, not just the first ($360 of savings per year).