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    Web Host - have to sell

    Posted this last week, bids died off:

    This has to be sold by the end of the week. Current high bid is 7000 and I would say "SOLD" to anybody that can offer over $7999.

    Post or email if you are interested or would like to sign a NDA to learn more about the host for sale. Thanks.

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    Hmmm. Did you still want us to send you signed NDAs?
    I recieved a NDA from you and signed it but didnt recieve a response.

    Could you reply here please?
    Thank you.

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    can you fwd any upto date details and another nda to
    acquisitions [at]

    we never heard back from you after the nda a wekk or so ago
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    We have not received any signed NDA's except from the people we have proceeded with.

    I sent a fax number with the NDA, if it wasn't faxed there, we didn't receive it.

    So....please send it again b/c I never got any signed NDA's from either of you. You can of course scan them and email them back to me also if you like.

    Your choice.

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    Ah, that is right. I stated that I dont have fax and scanned it instead Do you accept scanned?

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    Yep, send it to the email addy I sent it from. Thanks.

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    Has this been sold yet? If not please send an email to websales[@] with your contact info.

    We have a proposal you may find very interesting.

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