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basically, i have 2 dedicated servers at serverbeach. both have sygate personal firewall pro on them. On one server it works beautifully, but on the other, it doesn't work right. right after i installed it and set it up to allow RDP, it immediately blocked me out. so i had to submit a ticket to Serverbeach and wait a day or so for them to go in ad set sygate to "allow All" so i tried something else and set it back to "normal", and again was immediately blocked out, and submitted a ticket, and waited a day or so to get back in... and round and round i go. i must have tried about a dozen different things and nothing seems to work.

I contacted sygate support and they sent me some info on how to set it up which i tried and it didn't work, i replied and told them it didn't work and never heard back from them.

this is SOO frustrating! can someone please help me out?