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    How to prevent chargebacks?

    I use Authorize.NET

    My account is in the TEST MODE right now, going live soon but I'm concerned about chargebacks.

    I sell service (payed downloads).

    Let's say someone pays me $20. After several days client chargeback same amount of money. He already used the service.

    Authorize.NET fines me $25 for the chargeback + $20

    How can I dispute the chargeback?

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    What's the charge back for?
    • I did not like the service / download: not too much you can do about this one.
    • The card was stolen: Not too much you can do about this one either, up your security procedures.
    • I didn't do it: Consider Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code. You should also get 5 base points off your discount rate as well.

    Check with your processor also. A lot more these days are offering retrieval requests. This means that before it comes down to a chargeback, they will request you refund the money. So you do not have to pay the chargeback fee.

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    One quick clarification, the chargeback fee would be from your merchant processor - not from Authorize.Net.

    The best thing to do with chargebacks is to try NOT to get any in the first place - AVS, CVV2, BIN & negative database fraud scrubbing, Verified by Visa/MC SecureCode, etc. as much as is needed to keep it to a minimum. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    I think VbV/SecureCode covers stolen cards.....

    Is anyone familiar with the Reason code for stolen credit card on...


    30 - Services Not Rendered
    31 - Error in Addition
    41 - Cancelled Recurring Transaction
    50 - Credit Posted as Purchase
    53 - Not as Described
    56 - Defective Merchandise
    60 - Requested Copy Illegible
    61 - Fraudulent Mail/Phone Order Transaction
    71 - Authorization Request Declined / Declined Authorization
    72 - No Authorization / Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
    74 - Late Presentment
    75 - Cardholder Does Not Recognize the Transaction
    79 - Requested Transaction Information Not Received
    82 - Duplicate Processing
    83 - Non-Possession of Card
    85 - Credit Not Processed
    86 - Transaction Amount Changed
    90 - Non-Receipt of Merchandise


    01 - Requested Transaction Data Not Received
    02 - Requested Item Illegible
    08 - Requested / Required Authorization Not Obtained
    12 - Account Number Not on File
    31 - Transaction Amount Differs
    34 - Duplicate Processing
    35 - Card Not Valid or Expired
    37 - Fraudulent Mail/Phone Order Transaction
    41 - Cancelled Recurring Transaction
    42 - Late Presentment
    47 - Exceeds Floor Limit, Not Authorized, and Fraudulent Transactions
    50 - Credit Posted as a Debit
    53 - Cardholder Dispute Defective / Not as Described
    54 - Cardholder Dispute-Not Elsewhere (U.S. only)
    55 - Non-Receipt of Merchandise
    59 - Services Not Rendered
    60 - Credit Not Processed
    63 - Cardholder Does Not Recognize - Potential Fraud

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    Question to you guys. How big companies like The Planet, Rackspace handle chargebacks? They say there is no refunds, what if someone chargebacks them?
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