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    OK, I'm a noob. I have about 200+ pictures that I want to share with my friends and family. I am using frontpage 5.0 and I want to have like a slide show where each click would bring up one new picture. the only way i could think of is to make a separate file (htm) for each picture and then just link the previous slide file to the next slide file. will I have to create 200+ htm files for the 200+ pictures? or is there a better way?

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    Well i mean if you just want the easiest thing, then just stick them all into a directory on a webserver and people can just click on the file names in the browser and view the images.

    There's actually a lot of apps to auto generate photo galleries with thumbnails and everything, I never use them so I can't recommend one, but search for it in yahoo and you'll find a ton.

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    Not sure about your level of experience, but I'd recommend Menalto's Gallery. It's a straightforward install and it can thumbnail and create a gallery based on an an images directory location. It has a "slideshow" feature built-in that when pressed will cycle through your gallery almost in a powerpoint-like fashion.

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    If you have PHP you could make an image viewer. You have a page where you pass the file location of the image through url and then save that as a variable and display it. It might be hard to explain, but here is an example of code:

    $picture = $_GET['picture'];

    echo "<img src='$picture' alt='Picture' />";

    If you set it up so that the images are named 1, 2, 3 ... then you could easily setup a slide show having something more like this:

    $picturenum = $_GET['picturenum'];

    if (empty($picturenum)) {
    $picturenum = 1;

    echo "<img src='/images/$picture.jpg' alt='Picture' />";

    $next = $picturenum + 1;
    $last = $picturenum - 1;

    echo "<a href="thispage.php?picturenum=$last">Previous Image</a>

    echo "<a href="thispage.php?picturenum=$next">Next Image</a>

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    Frontpage will also create a gallery for you. But not too certain on the version - is it 98, 2000, 2002, or 2003?

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    If you have photoshop on your machine, it's also got a built in function for creating image galleries with thumbnails etc.

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