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    Question gmail exchanging site worth it?

    Would starting up a sort of gmail (googlemail) exchange site be worth it? Would I get enough members if adverised properly?

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    It's hard to say, there are already a couple of them out there now, hopefully it doesn't become a trend.

    The main concern I'd have is that the site would virtually die overnight the day Gmail launches publicly.

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    Why would they die over night? I mean, if you get a large community base, you could have people who want to trade because they dont like a username.

    I am neutral in this conversation, but I just wanted to point out something.

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    I personally don't think there would be a large enough community to warrant the trading of usernames post-launch. The only reason there's so much interest in acquiring an account is because it's the latest "thing to have" (, which will quickly level off when it's publicly available.

    People aren't after the names as much as they're after the account itself.

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