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    Is it possible to avoid the summer job?

    I figured it was the best place to talk about this.

    Ok, my story. I've been working since I was 14 ( I am 17, so its not that big of a deal) in the fast food industry. Two different jobs, and rehired once because they offered me a job a few months after I quit, they needed a reliable cook .

    I am quite proficient at Php/MySql and Html. I own the following sites.

    And a popular game but it is down due to hosting issues.

    The problem I find myself in, is that I would really enjoy a job that had to do with computers, computers, or computers. I called up lots of places, but they all pull the AGE card on me.

    I can start working fast food again, but I dont enjoy it. I know work isn't something you are suppose to enjoy, but hey.. Cant I dream?

    Basically I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I could skip the whole summer job thing, and possibly work from home somehow with my websites.

    I'm not lazy, if you are thinking thats the reason I want to skip the regular summer job. I would just like to try something different this summer.

    Well, thanks for reading this and I appreciate all comments.

    -Doug S.

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    What's the point of a job if you don't enjoy it? It would be better to be a broke-homeless-happy person than a rich-no-time-unhappy person.

    But if you're like me, boring jobs do help to motivate you to get a better job. It took me 3 months of changing tires to realize this (still do change tires to cover bills).
    -Robert Norton

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    Explore freelancing. Sites line and the likes.

    One note of caution: on most of these sites you will be competing with the likes of geeks in India and other such countries so the payout is quite low.

    However, IMO there are more advantages on settling for lil less $$$ and doing something you truly enjoy and from the comfort of your home.

    Around 14 I started freelancing on, it took me couple months before I got my first project A $5 flash animation which took an hour. However, after the jinx was gone, the flow of acquiring newer, bigger projects increased before I whipped out a domain name and a company only to start offshoring those projects offshore to a guy in India who got on my monthly payroll.

    I would strongly suggest you give this a shot primarily because you said you enjoy coding. Make use of it while you still enjoy it. I used to love coding, however, within a year of doing some "heavy" work I got bored and moved on to exploring other avenues. So, while you have the motivation, make the best use of it.

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