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    Order Processing

    Hey guys, I'm debating on using automated signup for my hosting business or doing each sign up manually, I'm going more towards the manual sign up though, what do you guys think would be better, and what do most companies do? Thanks

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    Would your automated order processing also take over the setup process for getting the client online? If so, it can be a great time-saver.

    If the orders are placed and then you manually set them up, this is also a time-saver but not nearly as effecient as a fully automated system.

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    Do you think customers would mind the wait though, we wouldn't be there 24/7 to create account, so sometimes it would take a while. Do current business do this, or do must automate account creation?

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    Automated account creation isn't 100% necessary, though I'd recommend it.

    I'm sure there's plenty of hosting companies that do setup on a 48 or 72hr timeline. Once a person/company has made a decision to use your services, I find that they don't mind waiting a while for the service activation and rarely jump-ship to go to another provider.

    Of course that doesn't apply to those looking for a quick fix. As long as you're upfront about the wait times, people will know what to expect.

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    You'll get hit by s(p/c)ammer if you auto-setup...



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    If you're going to do it, don't advertise "instant account activation" in bold on your front page.

    At the same time, make the client aware that accounts are ALMOST instantly activated, and they may be called to verify their order.

    It may be effective in limiting scammers or scammers.

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