May 25th, 2004 – Leading reseller hosting provider Voxtreme, encompassing and, established in 2001, announced substantial increases in disk space and bandwidth offerings for all new customers. The increase was linked to the forthcoming soccer competition, the 2004 European Championships.

While the England national soccer team remains in the championships, which firstly employ a league-style system followed by a knockout phase for the league winners, people signing up to either Voxtreme or HTTPme will receive double the disk space and bandwidth for no extra cost.

“We are excited to be able to utilize popular sporting events for our special offers” said Voxtreme CEO, Matthew Russell. “We’ve all seen the run-of-the-mill every day special offers. We decided something a little more special would be more appropriate to our business. England was chosen as the team to base the competition around as I am personally an England fan, as are other members of staff”.

Voxtreme and HTTPme also simultaneously announced bandwidth upgrades for all existing reseller hosting customers in gratitude for their continued business.