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    a question about webhosting companies and their websites

    hello, i was wondering if someone could help me with 1 thing i don't understand about control panels.
    are their order forms and other forms someone can use for their hosting companies website for clients to order online from OR Do you have to get a merchant account and setup the order forms, etc... on your companies website? is their a control panel that automatically updates your hotsing company's website when you add or remove packages, options etc...? please reply asap thanks

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    Well, usually the form is unrelated to what merchant you use. You may see the same form on many hosts because most use a billing script that has built in order form.

    Examples are ModernBill,WHM Autopilot, PerlBill, ClientExec, etc. They DO update when you add/remove packages to them.

    Most are seperate from the host's site control panel (CPanel etc) but many can integrate with it.
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