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    Management assistance for colocation - Montreal

    Greetings, all.

    Our company is about to embark on a medium-scale server cluster for our lobby/matchmaking game service, Rendez-Vous (similar to Gamespy). We've narrowed the hosting location down to either TAG (Peer1) or Telus here in Montreal, but the fully managed Telus pricing is really high. We've decided to lean towards colocation, but would probably want to have a third party assist us with the management for the first few months at least, on a consultancy/contract basis. Do any of you know companies in Montreal that do this kind of service?


    Mike Drummelsmith

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    I remember coming across a company that provided dedicated servers at good pricing, Blinx is the one if I remember correctly (


    Varun Shoor
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    (I tried sending you a pm, but the system says you are too new on the system to read them)
    I am a consulting professional in Montreal specialising in Colo/Dedicated servers, and the needs of Internet Service Providers, I had experience with peer1 before, but now recommend a carrier-neutral facilty that opened in Montreal, if you want I could help with your migration. I already have satisfied clients here that I could provide as reference.

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    In the past, we have dealt with We have had nothing but great service from both Billy and his staff.

    I would recommend giving them a shout especially if you are interrested in Peer1 bandwidth in Montreal.

    Cedrick LeBlanc

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