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    Need some flash/html/graphic design work done...

    A friend of mine is starting a small music production studio and is also producing his own CD as well. He would like a nice page designed to represent his new business however he is not all that familiar with web design so he has asked me to manage the creation of his site.

    He needs the following:

    Logo design-

    He has someone drawing a logo right now, and if he likes it, will need it digitized. If that logo is not what he likes, he is going to need one designed from scratch.

    Flash elements-

    Haven't decided as to whether the whole page will be flash or just a flash powered element to let people browse through some of his beats and some of his music tracks.

    Basic layout of the pages-

    Basic layout of the html of the pages. Needs to be quality code using css so that we can easily make styling changes later if we have to.

    This job may lead to other jobs creating cd covers and additional web pages for more artists. Please pm me with quotes on the complete job and/or pieces of it. Links to your portfolio would be great as well. Thanks.

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    We're also interested in your offer. In the past we've also done some music oriented sites. Please take a look at and get back to me if you see fit.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Hello, i could make your logo:



    I have some related works about music, maybe would interest to see it:


    Let me know if you are interested, please.

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