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    First Time help! Godaddy?

    Hi, I'm looking for a server for the first time... what do you guys think of GoDaddy? It seems to be a little bit of a rip off, but then again I'd rather pay a little more for service and the promise that everything's going to work ok. Other servers, however, like ix and fastmail give you like ten times the space for half the price. Am I missing something here? help!

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    I'd go with someone else. I've heard a lot of bad things about them.

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    like what?

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    Hi jneedleman,
    Try using the search feature here in the forum. Type company name in and feedback (if any) will result.
    There has been recent feedback on godaddy though.
    Ive never felt comfortable recommending a domain registrar for your actual web hosting. I think you would be better off choosing a reputable host, IMO.
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    oops... deleted post... I thought he was looking for godaddy as a register... I don't -- and have never -- hosted with godaddy.

    I do agree with the above post that a register and hosting company should be separate.
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    Hosting with Godaddy I don't think that I would do although their domain service is good as that is what I use and it is pretty nice although nothing special, but it does work. Hosting though I don't think you should do.

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    I would recomend planet datacenter servers if you are looking for your own server box...

    Good Luck

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    just avoid the ads at the sign-up and click 'no thanks'

    otherwise you may want to try /clearner site / only charges $4 per year
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    I use enom for my domain registration, but like others said I would never use them for hosting. Since that's not where their main income comes from they have less incetive to make sure that portion is top notch.

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    It's never a good idea to have both domain
    registration & hosting with a domain registrar.

    If your site ever goes down for any reason,
    most likely they won't compensate you for

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    If your site ever goes down for any reason, most likely they won't compensate you for that.
    Why would that be? IMHO that risk is to to have your domain hostage when you decide to change hosting.

    Other than that I agree with this:
    It's never a good idea to have both domain registration & hosting with a domain registrar.

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    Read section 8 of their legal agreements.

    I'm not sure but I think it's applicable to most if not
    all registrars (although I think it applies to all of them).

    It's because domain registrars are well aware
    anything can happen to a domain name, sometimes
    beyond their control.

    Just have to hope for the best and expect the

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    I reigstered many domains through and have never had any trouble. I don't think their hosting would be too good since they are giant and ran by machines.

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    Well GoDaddy hosting has been fine for me, at least for static html pages. I've rarely experienced downtime and the site load really fast.

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    Stay away from them there tech support is not educated.
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