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    Is cpannel a neccessity?

    Short Answer poll:

    Do you think CPanel is a neccessity for an appealing hosting offering?

    Would you sign up with a company that didn't have cpanel?
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    Depends :-)

    When I first started out onto the Internet 10+ years ago, there were no control panels, but I was a UNIX sysadmin, so it was no problem for me. Today like many other things people don't want to know how things work, only what buttons to click.

    If you're aiming at the basic user community, then you'll want some form of control panel.

    If you read the offers & requests in most hosting forums, Cpanel seems to be the one people want. However, some of the others do seem to look nicer out of the box than Cpanel.

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    In my personal opinion, theres not another control panel out there that comes close to cpanel in terms of security, updates, speed, and of course the ease of managing users and websites.

    Plus cpanel now can run in 64bit mode while the competition has no plans on supporting it.

    Others like other control panels, but when it comes down to it, cpanel is probably the easiest to use for end users while having many features that others dont have yet.

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    Re: Is cpannel a neccessity?

    Originally posted by Hurga
    . . . Do you think CPanel is a neccessity for an appealing hosting offering?. . .
    Short answer?


    I wouldn't think cPanel is a 'neccessity.'
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    Re: Re: Is cpannel a neccessity?

    Originally posted by SoftWareRevue
    Short answer?


    I wouldn't think cPanel is a 'neccessity.'
    agreed, as monaghan pointed out, you dont need a control panel to offer web hosting, but many clients will want one

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    cpanel is like would you rather mow your law with:

    >a ridding lawn mower
    >a push mower

    -a push is 10x cheeper
    -if you dont get outside that much like me then you need the exercise
    -you may need the push mower for the hills
    -and if you dont buy the push mower you may kill yourself on the hills

    foucs on your budget and stuff:
    cpanel maybe the mercedis benz of web hosting control panels but she isnt the cadilac ... and most people are cheep host with cpanel
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    always looks better to have cpanel, I use it on every one of my servers

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