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    64 bit CPanel - Anyone have any info?


    Im curious to know if anyone has been able to run cpanel in 64bit mode and to know if it is stable?

    We are looking into getting a x86 64 bit box and would like to run Cpanel in 64 bit mode, but havent heard much about it. If anyone could post what you know about this, It would definitly be helpful!


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    cpanel 64 bit? is 64 bit also avaliable on other control panels?

    supposingly, the server should serve webpages faster...?

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    Yes, cPanel has a 64 bit x86 build. I called ensim and plesk and they both said that they do not have any plans just yet to support 64 bit architecture.

    Just want to know if anyone has had any experience yet runnting cpanel in 64 bit.

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    Hmm very interesting. I would like to hear more on the 64bit as well.

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