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    Small HTML project for someone

    I need to find someone who can put four html files together for me.

    The files are located here:

    As you can see they are labeled as to how they should appear.

    Each files was individually created, and we used them for an affiliate program with, we had to create each one individually as they have a program were we upload a header file, a footer and so on. They would fill in the middle area.

    You can see an example of how it should look here:

    By having our own index.htm file that contains the html from all of these four files together, and then a blank area in the middle we can put our own content in there to change things up a bit.

    Anyway, this is a small project and just dont have the time to do it right now, and I need to have it done today.

    Anyone up to putting these together for me? Remember I need the middle section blank and open to us adding our own content there. So make it look like that example above, but where the "Travel Options" and "road trips" and "destination guides" are leaving that all blank.

    Any thoughts on cost to have this done? I was thinking $15, give or take $5. I dont want to spend more then $20. So who ever can do it the cheapest and the quickest I will paypal you the money ASAP.

    Please post here or PM me if you want to do this and tell me for how much. And I will decide quickly.

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    i believe i could do this for 15 dollars pm me if you want me too

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    OK.. I got an offer for $10, $15 and one for $20. No more offers needed, I will be PM'ing everyone shortly.

    Again no more offers needed. Consider this closed.

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