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    Bad business credibility of uplinkearth

    Uplinkearth did not pay us for the 3 months of advertisement. The cost is only US$600 and I am quite disappointed with them. They repeatedly insists me to send them an invoice to [email protected] with a P.O. number.

    I asked them where to get a P.O. number to get paid, they say email to [email protected] .

    I have sent many times, and I tried many ways to get my payment, but it seems they are not bothered. It has been almost 45 days I tried, but I guess it is better to burn off my US$600 and provide real and honest review to the hosting community of this company that sucks my money. was once a good host. A pretty few good user reviews, but as far as way they do business at the moment, I doubt they will provide honest and reliable hosting service when they can't even pay US$600 of cheap advertising cost that lasted them 3 months.

    Never ever partner with this host. It brings down your business credibility.

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    I'm wondering... you posted this in February...

    Have you ever managed to collect on that bill?



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    Any update on this issue? I'm trying to find out more about uplinkearth and seem to be getting very conflicting reports as to the company's reputation and service.


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