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    cpanel etc .htaccess login from site

    does anyone know of any tried + tested .htaccess managers that will allow my clients to log into htaccess areas such as cpanel and webmail?

    i want to have a client login box on a left column of the layout, with a 'username' + 'password' box, and also a drop down menu so they can select the target of their login, eg: 'Cpanel' 'Webmail' 'My account' (my account will be either drams or whoiscart but thats easy enough to link up to)

    i see lots of them on the cgi and php resource indexes, just wondering if anyoens actually tried or uses one. i dont want to have just a login thing, also there are javascripts out there that will do it through the browser, but they are a joke as far as secure goes, the password scrolls in the status bar!!!!

    thank you!

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