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    What do you think of my site?

    Hey all!

    I have just launched a new site. I would like you guys to gime your opinions

    The URL - see the signature

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    Nice site, did you do all this in html or did you use a php/mySQL CMS script to make this site.
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    yes, I did it with php + mysql

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    nice, it seems to load very slow from here. I am on a 3.6Mbit wireless to a Bellsouth DS3
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    at that time, the site was hard and deep crawled from msnbot, I dont know if this was the reaseon to load the site so slowly

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    Very nice. Neatly packaged content. Good lines. I like it! It did load awfully slow for me too. I'm on a T-1, and I was pulling <30kb/sec., plus there were a couple hard pauses during the load on each page I visited.

    Paul H
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    loaded fine for me but the orange is a bit too bright for my tastes

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    Thank you guys,

    the_pm could you try to load the site again? I did some php/mysql optimization, I think the load time will be shorter yet, without pauses

    all the best

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    About 20 seconds this time, same as the last time. I got a pause and a resolving status message. My browser seemed to be choking on the sheer number of images coming through. The first time I tested with Opera. This time with Moz.
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    Hi ogito,

    Very nice site. One problem- load time. I clicked, "submit article", and it took two minutes and 45 seconds to load. I would like to submit an article, but the load time kills me

    Best of luck.


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    Too much orange! I was nearly blinded when I opened this site.. I suggest you use the blue that you have more often, accompanied by maybe a lighter blue, with only hints of orange. there's just too much!
    Other than that, it seems to be very well organized and enjoyable to browse
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    nice site
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