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    RPGs Needs Constructive Players

    The deal is this... we have 4 different Custom RPGs that are in need of intermediate level RPGers that want to add themselves to the database of the community RPG group. Payment will not be in the form of monetary funds but forum based points with which you can buy community items located in the shop. In one of the RPGs you are allowed to start your own thread with rules and system. If you are interested do contact me.

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    I would gladly help.

    MSN:[email protected]

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    what is it you are looking for exactly?
    MAture level RPGers that want to participate in our World of Medieval RPG game. If you are experienced and able to interact well in a community then we will give you a set amount of Forum Points to start with an immediate RPG access where as most members have to make 30 posts first and have zero starting points.

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    Is this one of those click based games?

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    Click based? No, this is text based, go to and click on 'about' and it will explain itself.

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