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    Sunce Atkins is all the rage right now, this could be a good one:

    What do you guys think?

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    Pretty nice domain you got there. I would not sell it, make a site out of it, I think it could make more money doing that.

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    Yeah, throw phpbb up on it with some categories, then sell it once you have 1000 or so members; you'll make a lot more.
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    Already working on it.
    What do you think 1000-member board is worth?
    There will be much more then just a forum.

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    1000-member board $xx,xxx+

    you'll make money by advertising also.

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    Originally posted by DJ-Sound
    1000-member board $xx,xxx+

    you'll make money by advertising also.
    Are you serious?
    I run a 5400-member site (one year old, no advertising whatsoever), check my signature.

    I can push to 1K-member level in a couple of month.

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