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    [for sale] 3D Models - Very Cheap

    I currently have 5 3D Models for sale. These models are perfect for those of you creating any type of hosting design(s). Each model includes full/exclusive rights, .tiff with alpha channel, and .c4d source file (Cinema 4D). I am looking to get $20 USD per model, or $85 USD for them all. this is a fraction of the cost models similar to these sell for.

    You can view the models here:

    Please post offers in this thread or e-mail me using the forum e-mail function.

    I am also available to do custom work at very reasonable prices.

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    Im looking for a 3d model of a software box. How much for that?


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    Jason, you could make a '3d model' in photoshop, just use the pen tool

    Good luck, nice servers.
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    Ive tried before, but its terribly rubbish. lol

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    Originally posted by jasonyates
    Im looking for a 3d model of a software box. How much for that?

    you can use this free ext' for fireworks:

    its a walk in the park.
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    I'm digging server 3 - good work

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    Price reduced

    $10 each.

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    They look very good, is the only way of editing them (colours etc) with cinema 4d?

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    The best way would be to use Cinema 4D yes, but you can always use photoshop to adjust the colors. If you are interested in purchasing I can alter the colours in Cenema to your specifiaction.

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    Model #1 Sold!

    Models 2-5 still available.

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