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    #Resellers: good support options. paid or unpaid. script help etc

    I have no php knowledge but often need minor php jobs outsourced to others....

    Instead of looking for freelances I'm wondering if anyone has had a good experience with any hosts in regards to their help with scripts, code modifications, ecommerce, etc etc.

    Second I'm looking for a host that has PAID programming/web dev services to fall back on when i really need something done. For example i have a forum i need upgrade. (50thousand posts so i need it done right.) I notice lots of fancy hosts, nice webpage etc, but none seem to offer and services other then hosting.. this may be the norm but I'm still going to ask if anyone has any feedback about hosts with diverisifed services..

    Any input appreciated.

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    Hmm, I would look for a host that had a community perhaps.. as there are often numerous php,asp,cf programmers who will more than likely give you a hand for free on the small stuff.

    Now if i was thinking about the 50K post, and i wanted it done right... I would definately cough up the $$ to get it done right the first time...
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