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    Ensim 4.0.0 maintenance.lib

    I've just installed ensim 4 and when i try to start the server

    /etc/init.d/webppliance start

    i get this :

    /etc/init.d/webppliance: line 25: /etc/appliance/scriptsLib-3.0/maintenance.lib: No such file or directory

    if anyone has an example of '/etc/appliance/scriptsLib-3.0/maintenance.lib' please post it.

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    by the way, operating system is fc1 freshly installed

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    Re: Ensim 4.0.0 maintenance.lib

    Originally posted by davila
    I've just installed ensim 4 and when i try to start the server
    What version of Ensim were you upgrading from?
    Did you run Ensim though a maintainence cycle?

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    this is not an upgrade; is a fresh install of ensim4.0.0 on a new fedora core 1 system.

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    Did you try to run a locate on it :

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    yum -c /etc/yum.conf.ensim update

    yum --download-only -c /etc/yum.conf.ensim install webppliance-prolog webppliance-mysql-epilog webppliance-mivamerchant-epilog

    cd /var/cache/yum.ensim/ensim/packages/
    rpm --nopre -Uvh webppliance-prolog-*

    rpm -Uvh webppliance-mysql-epilog-* webppliance-mivamerchant-epilog-* webppliance-tomcat4-epilog-*

    service webppliance restart

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    I had this problem with a fresh install of CentOS 3.4 and Ensim 4.0.1. Thanks for the fix.

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