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    Plesk & SIM & Logs

    Having installed the SIM from rfxnetworks I am receiving messages from the cron job that runs sim every 5 minutes, as follows;

    /usr/local/sim/sim: line 108: [: 24
    24: integer expression expected
    /usr/local/sim/sim: line 58: 46
    46: syntax error in expression (error token is "46")

    Any ideas anyone?

    On another topic, regarding weblogs - We have urchin installed and are using their perl script for rotating logs, The onlyu gripe is that when it 'touch' a new logfile then runs 'apachectl restart' the new log file doesnt get written to? I have to go in the next day and run the restart command from putty. Is this because the restart command runs too quickly for the touch command?

    Cron job as follows;

    /home/httpd/vhosts/ --loglist /home/httpd/vhosts/loglist --touchlog --restart_cmd "apachectl restart" --days 365

    On another side, does anyone have any readme on NAS backup and configuration at all?

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    Are you sure that you installed SIM Properly. According to those line errors certain files aren't created.

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    I have the following;




    also it doesnt seem to be emailing any reports to email addresses, which i have checked are set in conf.sim?

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