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    Terms and conditions

    Hi peeps,

    Just after some info on terms and conditions really. Let me say now, that this business is NOT web hosting but it is in a related field so to speak.

    Im setting up an informational site but I need some T&Cs. Now I know I should get a solictor to do it, but im doing it on a tiny budget so I just need a basic one to cover my ***. Does anyone know of any boiler plate ones or anyone have one that I could modify to create my own.

    I guess I could create my own but man that would be a ball ache



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    you can always search google for terms and conditions templates. Cut and paste the ones that apply, and create ones needed to fill in the gaps.

    That's pretty much all you need to get started.
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    I would also recommend having a lawyer look over it/them. If that's not already something you've considered.

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    I got my terms and conditions of some archive of templates for them, but I don't remember what the site was.

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