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    Question Spamassassin, IMAP, Spambox, OE


    I have a Cyrus-Imap client running on my server as well as Spamassassin. Both work perfectly and spam gets classified as spam with the "X-Spam-Flag: YES" Tag in the mail header.

    I would love to sort emails classified as spam into an already created spam-IMAP-box, but serverside!!
    Everybody in my company uses Outlook Express, and you might know how difficult it is to get employees away from it, although there are way better mail-clients. ;-)
    Apart from that it would be very difficult to get everyone using the filter options of OE.

    Anyhow OE doesn't support filtering mail-headers (and that's where the spam-tag is), so I am looking for a way, to sort the spam directly into a spamfolder on the server.

    I would really appreciate your help, thanks a lot!!


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    Since you're running Cyrus, you have the Sieve protocol available to you. Google for "SIEVE", "timsieved", etc. Sieve handles per-user server-side filtering scripts.

    The Squirrelmail webmail system has a nice Sieve plugin for automatically generating proper Sieve scripts from the usual "if mail contains x, do this" kind of screen's everyone's used to.



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    I use a global spam quarantine (a separate Maildir) with Amavisd-new + SpamAssassin + Postfix. High-scoring spams go to the global quarantine.

    Low-scoring spams get filtered to a user's IMAP Spam filter with a global maildroprc file (Courier-IMAP + Maildrop).

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    got it working, but...


    thanks for the help so far, but I am having a new problem with sieve:

    I can create filtering scripts for every single user, but not for all users at the same time.

    I used sieveshell to include the sripts for a test user, but can't find a way to set this script for all users!

    Any ideas??


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