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    web site looking for people

    I'm looking for volunteer staff members to work on a gaming site that I'm re launching. Previously the site tried to grow too big too fast and it flopped so were trying a smaller corner of the community to start and then go from there. I am switching hosts at the moment so I cannot give you guys a url to see what the site is exactly * it should be up in a few days *. Were looking for long term staff members, I know its volunteer so its a work when you can and feel like it environment but I really like to see most of the staff members show up for meetings and conduct themselves like they really want to be there. I'm bringing the site from the ground up I've done alot of design work and some coding but I think once we get full staff the design might change depending on how much everyone likes it. We got 3 staff members right now I want to see that number grow to around 10. We currently need coders php, mysql, java ect.. and graphics guys are more than welcome as well, writers, basically I don't like to turn people away so no matter your skills we will find a place for you. I probably won't be checking back here so email me about any questions that you have, I don't mind answering questions so don't be shy. Btw for all of you trying to make it into the web development field all your creations you can add to your portfolio however certain graphics or works may need to be developed with the understanding that they belong to the web site but you will still receive full credit.
    Heres some contact info
    Email - [email protected]
    icq - 62596372
    aim - vkpro1
    msn - [email protected]
    yahoo - vkxpro

    Thank you,
    Sean E.

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    i can help what do i need tp do?

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