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Thread: Mail Problem

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    Mail Problem

    Exim is running, as is vm-pop3d but I cannot connect to my server for mail at all. Not port 110 or 25, however if I login to the server through ssh and telnet from inside the server I can connect.

    Ipchains is not running as I dont see it as a process.

    Any ideas?

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    Is iptables running? Do you have a firewall like APF?

    Sounds like you have something blocking you from connecting from outside localhost.

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    Those would show up as running processes correct?

    Is there a way to check open ports on linux, like accepting and blocking ports?

    Its strange its been working for over 5 months and just one day it stopped. I can still connect to ssh, ftp, and all other services except mail.

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    Yes. You can port scan yourself using nmap or any other tool.
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