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Thread: Secondary Merak

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    Secondary Merak

    We are using Merak 7.4.2 and want to setup Secondary Backup Mail server. I have done this with IMail previously and found it very easy to do but in Merak I am unable to find any suitable solution.

    I did setup the Secondary MX records but unable to find the correct usage of Backup Domain/ETRN/ATRN commands. I tried to contact Merak support but they seem to be not very helpful.

    They replied as

    "First, you must understand that some answers(specific configurations and exact set ups) can sometimes fall under consultation type services, and therefore the exact answers are not always presented...."

    Icewarp also don't have any active forums to discuss the issue so can any one explain how to setup the things. Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Icewarp forum -

    Create a new Domain in the GUI and then on the first Tab [Domain] there is a box labelled Domain then a drop down selection with Standard selected at present.

    Change this to Backup Domain and in the To: box enter either the IP or hostname of your primary mailserver.

    Merak will then queue mail on this server and keep retrying the main until it is availabel again.
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    I tried to register there and message is shown that forum address will be mailed to you and I got the address as

    To enter the IceWarp Customer Forum use the following URL:
    Your IceWarp Support Team."

    Thanks for your help about Setting up the backup domain. I did this but what should be the relay settings on secondary server. It won't let me pass. Any thing special or will it work fine. Another question is that will we have to setup any ETRN commands on primary server or not. Thanks

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