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    Dell 2450 2U Complete Servers $299

    We have 10 servers available. All servers all completely tested and in great condition.

    Cost is $299 - perfect for web hosting, dns servers, mail servers, etc.

    PM [me] to pick up a few. Servers can be shipped or picked up in San Jose, Ashburn VA or Sacramento.

    P600 or P667
    Dual NIC Interfaces
    512MB memory
    9 GB SCSI Hard Drive
    AC Power
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    Do they have any OS installed already?

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    Also, how much is shipping? (rough guess is fine)

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    Some have windows or FreeBSD - they obviously support Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. Shipping is approx $50-$75 depending on where they are going.

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    I take it these are for dell racks only? The reason I ask is because I have a dell power supply switcher and it only mounts on dell racks. Are the cases designed for 2 post or 4 post racks?
    -Robert Norton

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    Although theoretically you can put them on top of a well fortified 2 post, I'd recommend racking on four post (two front and two back). These will rack on normal screw racks without a problem. They will rack on racks with compact clips using the Dell Rail Kits. I can add dell rail kits to each one for $25 each.

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