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    Unhappy Computer problem - can't remove programs :-(

    I have this "WinTools for Internet Explorer v2" & "Yahoo Internet Mail" in my "Add or Remove Programs" Control Panel that i want to delete but i can't won't let me remove it

    "WinTools for Internet Explorer v2" -- it says "other ad-powered software installed. Please remove it first" ......the thing is i don't know which software i should remove

    "Yahoo Internet Mail" -- this WON'T let me delete at all, when i click on it, it does NOTHING

    please help.
    I already ran ad-aware 6 but saw nothing

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    First of all remove them from the registry. Yahoo Internet mail as far as I know comes with the Y! package, can't uninstall it unless your remove the whole package or use the instalation feature of it and select remove components.

    At least I think... It's been a while since I used wi(n)dows
    Lorand R. Minyo
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