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    Wanting to get a server at, however they seem to not provide any details on what there support service is like over the internet.

    those who have been with or are still with them, what is the support like and what is the respond time like as well on whichever support service they provide.



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    We have a server with them.. although you find couple bad stories in WHT, they are pretty good. Response time is usually somewhere between 5 - 30 min. , and good follow-ups.

    Never had any problems with them. (been cutomer for 1 year)

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    If you perform a Search for support there are tons and tons of results

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    support response time is any where from 5 mins to 48 hours depending on the time you send in your request for support.

    During office hours should be around 30 mins.
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    if you know how to manage a server then they are perfect.

    if you dont know how to manage a server then get it from a reseller like
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    Support time varies. Generally I have had a quick and direct response, however as I live in the UK timezones are different so sometimes it takes a little longer. But generally the support is great, when I needed my server reimaged it was done within the hour.

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    I've had my box a few months now and I find response times are generally good, it'd be nice to have longer support hours, but I guess that's why they're cheap !

    Response time (during opening hours) are usually within 30 mins, frequently within 10mins.

    Reboots have been quick as well, the quickest was 6 mins from the automated reply from the ticketing system to the response from the update ticket.

    My box is resold by Tomsyer, but I've found recently that it's better to contact Managed directly for technical issues. I hear good things about AngelNetworks who also resell Managed boxes.

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    Yep, is the way to go. Even that I havn't been there that long. Wow, their support is super.

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